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Conference Program

International Conference-School

Infinite-dimensional dynamics, dissipative systems, and attractors

13 – 17 July of 2015

Venue: University Conference Center, Nizhny Novgorod University,   Gagarina 23, Corp. 1, New Library Building (NLB), floor 4


Monday, July 13


9.00 Registration

9.45-10.00 Opening

Chairman  S. Zelik (NLB, Conference Hall)

10.00-10.45 Eduard Feireisi  Asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems arising in fluid mechanics

10.45-11.15  Coffee+ snacks

11.15-12.00 Vladimir Chepyzhov  On trajectory attractor approximations of the 3D Navier-Stokes system by various hydrodynamical alpha-models

12.05-12.50 Alexey Ilyin   Attractors for the 2D damped Navier-Stokes system on large periodic domains and in R2

13-00 – 14-30  Lunch

Chairman  L. Lerman (NLB, Conference Hall)

14.30-15.15 Andrey Fursikov  Parabolic equation of normal type connected with 3D Helmholtz system

15.20-16.05 Anton Savostianov  Global well-posedness and attractors for the hyperbolic Cahn-Hilliard-Oono equation in the whole space 

16.05-16.35  Coffee+ snacks

16.35-17.20  Giulio Schimperna  On a fractional Cahn-Hilliard equation

17.25-18.10  Antonio Segatti  A gradient flow approach to a fractional porous medium equation


19.00-21.00  Welcome Party



Tuesday, July 14

Chairman  S. Gonchenko (NLB, Conference Hall)

10.00-10.45  Nikolai Kudryashov  From the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model to the high-order nonlinear evolution equations

10.45-11.15  Coffee+ snacks

11.15-12.00 Alexander Komech  On linear stability and dispersion for crystals in the Schrödinger-Poisson model

12.05-12.50 Sergey Kuznetsov  Three coupled rotators: from Anosov dynamics to hyperbolic attractor

13-00 – 14-30  Lunch

Chairman  A. Komech  (NLB, Conference Hall)

14.30-15.15 Alain Miranville Some generalizations of the Cahn-Hilliard equation

15.20-16.05 Kopylova Elena  On asymptotic stability of kinks for relativistic Ginzburg-Landau equation


16.05-16.30  Coffee+ snacks


Parallel sessions:



Chairman  E. Kopylova                       (NLB, Conference Hall) 

Chairman  S. Kuznetsov                          (NLB, Exhibition Room) 


Pedro Marin-Rubio  Some recent results on tempered pullback attractors for non-autonomous variants of Navier-Stokes equations

Nataliya Stankevich Chaos, hyperchaos and quasiperiodicity in the system of coupled Toda oscillators


Filippo Dell'Oro   Stability analysis of abstract systems of Timoshenko type



Slepukhina Evdokia Stochastic bifurcations in the Hindmarsh-Rose model



Ekaterina Ekaterinchuk   Analysis of the stochastic dynamics of a 2D - logistic map 


Phillipo Lappicy The axially symmetric dynamics for dissipative parabolic equations on the sphere 

Gurina Tatyana  Bifurcation research and stabilization of chaotic systems of Lorenz type 

Wednesday, July 15

Chairman  D. Turaev (NLB, Conference Hall)

10.00-10.45 Alexander  Romanov  Semilinear parabolic equations without inertial manifold

10.45-11.15  Coffee+ snacks

11.15-12.00 Sergey Zelik  Inertial manifolds and finite-dimensional reduction for dissipative PDEs. Lecture I

12.05-12.50 Sergey Zelik  Inertial manifolds and finite-dimensional reduction for dissipative PDEs. Lecture II


13-00 – 14-30  Lunch

Chairman  A. Romanov (NLB, Conference Hall)

14.30-15.15 Juraj Fuldes  Asymptotic properties of invariant measures for stochastically forced Boussinesq equations

Parallel sessions:


Chairman  S. Slijepcevich                       

(NLB, Conference Hall) 

Chairman  A. Rassadin                          (NLB, Exhibition Room) 


Georgy Kitavtsev  Reduced ODE Systems Governing Coarsening Dynamics of Dewetting Liquid Films

Aleksandr Potapov  Feynmanons in linearized Korteveg-de-Vriez equation 


16.05-16.30  Coffee+ snacks



Anna Kostianko  Inertial manifolds for the 3D Cahn-Hilliard equation with periodic boundary conditions

Alexander Rassadin Fractals and path integrals in three-dimensional wave equation




Aslan Kasimov  Periodic and chaotic dynamics of weakly nonlinear shock waves 




Ivan Remizov  Diffusion in Hilbert space equation solved by Feynman formula





Maxim Buzinov   Feynman and quasi-Feynman formulae for higher order Schrödinger equation 



Braslav Rabar Invariant measures and attractors of non-autonomous Frenkel-Kontovora models 





Dennis Grishin  Quasi-Feynman formulas for the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation with a bounded smooth potential via the Remizov theorem 





Thursday, July 16

Chairman  L. Glebsky (NLB, Conference Hall)

9.30  -  10.15  Armen Shirikyan  Controllability implies ergodicity. Lecture I

10.20 - 11.05  Sergey Zelik  Inertial manifolds and finite-dimensional reduction for dissipative PDEs. Lecture III

11.05-11.30  Coffee+ snacks

11.30 - 12.15 Sergey Zelik  Inertial manifolds and finite-dimensional reduction for dissipative PDEs. Lecture IV

12-15 – 13-15  Lunch


14.00-18.00    Volga boat trip


19.00 -           Banquet



Friday, July 17

Chairman  I. Kaschenko (NLB, Conference Hall)

10.00-10.45 Lev Glebsky  Sofic groups and equations over groups

10.45-11.15  Coffee+ snacks

11.15-12.00 Armen Shirikyan  Controllability implies ergodicity. Lecture II

12.05-12.50 Sinisa Slijepcevic  Dynamics of extended gradient systems


13-00 – 14-30  Lunch

Chairman  A. Vladimirov (NLB, Conference Hall)

14.30-15.15  Vasileios Basios Strongly Perturbing the Roessler Attractor: a Case for Stochastic-Like Resonance and its Biological Relevance

15.20-16.05 Ilya Kaschenko Normalization of equations with two delays of different order

16.05-16.30  Coffee+ snacks

16.30-17.00 Sergey Belyakin  Stabiliazation of hyperbolic Plykin attractor by the Piragas method

17.00-17.20 Vyacheslav Golubenets Dynamical properties of logistic equation with state-dependent delay







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