Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Vasileios Basios. "Strongly Perturbing the Rossler Attractor: a Case for Stochastic-Like Resonance and its Biological Relevance"

V.V.Chepyzhov. "On trajectory attractor approximations of the 3D NavierStokes system by various hydrodynamical alphamodels"

Filippo Dell'Oro. "Stability analysis of abstract systems of Timoshenko type"

Eduard Feireisl. "Asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems in fluid mechanics"

A.V. Fursikov. "Parabolic equation of normal type connected with 3D Helmholtz system"

Lev Glebsky. "Equations over groups and approximation of groups."

Dennis V. Grishin1, Anton V. Smirnov. "Quasi-Feynman formulas for the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation with a bounded smooth potential via the Remizov theorem"

A.A.Ilyin. "Attractors for the 2D damped Navier-Stokes system on large periodic domains and in R2"

Ilia Kashchenko. "Normalization of Equation with Two Delays of Different Order"

Georgy Kitavtsev. "Reduced ODE Systems Governing Coarsening Dynamics of Dewetting Liquid Films"

Alexander Komech. "On stability of crystals in the Schrodinger - Poisson model"

Elena Kopylova. "Asymptotic stability of kinks for nonlinear relativistic Ginzburg-Landau equation"

Sergey P. Kuznetsov. "Three coupled rotators: from Anosov dynamics to hyperbolic attractor"

A. A. Potapov. "Feynmanons in the Korteweg-de Vries equation"

A. E. Rassadin. "Fractals and path integrals in three-dimensional wave equation"

A.V. Romanov. "Semilinear parabolic equations without inertial manifold"

Pedro Marin-Rubio. "Some recent results on tempered pullback attractors for non-autonomous variants of Navier-Stokes equations"

Anton Savostianov, Sergey Zelik. "Global well-posedness and attractors for the hyperbolic Cahn-Hilliard-Oono equation in R3"

Giulio Schimperna. "On a fractional Cahn-Hilliard equation"

Antonio Segatti. "A gradient flow approach to a fractional porous medium equation"

Armen Shirikyan. "Controllability implies ergodicity"

Sinisa Slijepcevich. "Dynamics of Extended Gradient Systems"

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