Scheme of the University Campus



Building ╣1




Biology Faculty



Faculty of Radiophysics



University Library


Building ╣2




Rector’s Office



Faculty of Management and Business



Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty



Faculty for international Students


Building ╣3.




Physico-Technical Research Institute



Physics Faculty


Building ╣4.




Radiophysics Faculty


Building ╣5. 




Research Institute for  Chemistry



Chemistry Faculty


Building ╣6. 




Research Institute for Mechanics



Faculty of  Mechanics and Mathematics


Building ╣7.

Student hostel ╣4 (red arrow – entrance)


Building ╣8 



Building ╣9 

Research Institute of Living Systems


Building ╣10

Household buildings


Building ╣11 

Household buildings


Building ╣12

Student hostel ╣5


Building ╣13

Student hostel ╣1


Building ╣14 

Innovation Center


Building ╣15 

University canteen


Building ╣16

Household buildings


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